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180 LEGAL?

180DC Ghent is the very first 180 DC branch to have expanded its activities with a legal department. From now on, non-profits and social enterprises can contact us with legal questions they might be struggling with. Our legal team consists of carefully selected law students who are all highly motivated to help you and, by doing so, create their own social impact. We also organise workshops to help our members develop their skills and to further increase the quality of the deliverables in our projects.




We deliver challenging real-life cases that will allow you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. The subjects our clients ask for are, for instance, the application of the new Code of Companies and Associations, GDPR, Intellectual Property, Contracts… We give you the chance to make a difference, so go on and seize the opportunity! Our workshops will aid you in successfully finishing a project and prepare you for your further professional career.

Are you a highly motivated law student, seeking to make a social impact and interested in what we do? Prepare your CV and motivational letter and be sure to head on over to our application tool! Do not forget to specifically mention in your motivational letter that you are applying for the legal department.

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Do you have an idea to make your own social impact, but do you have doubts about the legal obligations that come along with it? Are you a non-profit or social enterprise ready to make a difference, but do you struggle with some legal questions?

Maybe we can help you clarify some issues. Our legal team can give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of certain legal choices, we can review your statutes or contracts, we can explain to you all obligations arising from GDPR… Also other legal matters could possibly be the object of one of our projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask about how our legal department may be at your service.



Being a partner of our 180DC legal department grants you several advantages. You will be allowed to host interesting workshops for our consultants to attend, you are offered a mentoring position during our projects and you will be put in touch with our highly motivated legal consultants. Most importantly however, being a 180DC partner allows you to increase your own social impact.

Do you believe you can add value to our legal department? Contact us through the contact form and tell us why you should be our next partner.

Sample Project

LongDragon School

LongDragon School is a project of two young student entrepreneurs who have set themselves the goal of making education a true hobby. As China fanatics, there seemed to be no better way than teaching the Chinese language to young children between the ages of 8 and 12 in a fun interactive way of teaching. Several legal questions arose at the start of the project.


180DC Legal gave extensive advice, including an overview of the potential organizational forms for LongDragon and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The data collection was also fully screened, highlighted the most important points for attention with regard to GDPR and a draft privacy statement was drawn up. In addition, a number of questions were answered that related, among other things, to the name of the organization, any qualification requirements of teachers and intellectual property rights.

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