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Sample Of Consulting Projects

SuperZero vzw (Project 2020 -2021)

 Our consultants helped SuperZero to conquer the Flemish market with their refillable cleaning product. Watch their video to learn more about their sustainable organization!

Straatverplegers VZW (Project 2019 -2020)

Coaching by Möbius

The project for Straatverplegers vzw was definitely a challenge for our consultants. In the end, they were able to deliver a business plan making sure that the NGO could attract the right investors.

Straatverplegers vzw is an organization working on long-term rehousing of homeless people through hygiene, medical assistance and valorisation of talents.

Habbekrats (Project 2019 -2020)
Coaching by Möbius

At Habbekrats Gent - De Fabriek, children between the age of 10 and 21 can find space to grow, play, explore, learn and find help when needed. Every child or youngster is welcome at Habbekrats, but there is a specific focus on children who grow up in challenging environment. For them, Habbekrats is a safe haven where there is food, safety, friends, attention, joy… .

Our Habbekrats team performed a financial analysis of the organization. Based on the financial analysis, they made budgetting and accounting plan for the next 5 years.


Longdragon School (Legal Project 2019- 2020)

LongDragon School is a project of two young student entrepreneurs who have set themselves the goal of making education a true hobby. As China fanatics, there seemed to be no better way than teaching the Chinese language to young children between the ages of 8 and 12 in a fun interactive way of teaching. Several legal questions arose at the start of the project.


180DC Legal gave extensive advice, including an overview of the potential organizational forms for LongDragon and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The data collection was also fully screened, highlighted the most important points for attention with regard to GDPR and a draft privacy statement was drawn up. In addition, a number of questions were answered that related, among other things, to the name of the organization, any qualification requirements of teachers and intellectual property rights.


Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen (Project 2019 -2020)

Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen is a non-profit organization that works for people fleeing war, violence and persecution. They came to 180DC Ghent with the request for a new fundraising strategy for testaments. They worked / collaborate with an organization that put them in touch with potential candidates for a donation in their will. The 180DC team had to evaluate this partnership, explore new options, investigate the disappearance of the duo legacy and bring it all into a coherent strategy.


On the basis of a storyboard, the Dutch Council for Refugees has given clear recommendations to our team in connection with the fundraising strategy of the Flemish Council for Refugees. In addition, the 180DC Legal team also provided the team with legal advice on the disappearance of the duo legacies.


More past projects

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